Our process


Pure wool and nature base raw materials


Behind every Pampa product is a long and complex process that is steeped in tradition and untouched by modern technology. The techniques used to make our textiles are part of the fabric of Argentinian heritage.


Our artisans work with 100% raw sheep’s and llama’s wool – a naturally sustainable material. The process therefore begins with the people who care for and protect the community’s livestock. The fleece is first selected and washed, then the fibres are hand-spun with a spindle or distaff and then re-spun with two complete spindles, twisting the yarn and turning it into a two-threaded string.

The dying process follows. Our artisans typically use natural pigments obtained from plants, flowers, vegetables, insects and smoke, but sometimes they add anilines (mineral dyes) to create more intense colours. The tones obtained from natural dyes are never completely uniform.


Our artisans weave with the hand-dyed yarns in cooperative groups, sharing resources and ideas between themselves, and often taking turns to complete the one piece. Looms can be found in the backyard of almost every home and a single rug can take over several weeks to be finish. Each community has its own weaving techniques and favours a different thicknesses of thread, giving every Pampa collection its own regional character.

We take care to reduce unnecessary transportation, helping minimise Pampa’s environmental impact.


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