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Etnico rugs

Etnico rugs

The Etnico Collection has travelled from the dry forests of northern Argentina, an area known simply as the Monte. These particular textiles are woven by a group of women who lead a very traditional, conservative life. Uninfluenced by modern trends and techniques, their designs have been passed down through their families and are based on weaving practices that are generations old.

Like other weavers in the Monte region, Etnico artisans weave with sheep’s wool. Their monochrome and neutral textiles are inspired by the dry, sunbaked forests and desert landscapes their ancestors have lived among for centuries, while the use of bright colour is a reference to the flowers, insects and other lifeforms that roam the Monte, some of which are now just a memory. 

Pampa collections are named after the landscapes our artisans call home. All of our rugs have unique variations in grain and colour profile and carry the signature of the weaver in their individual design and slight imperfections. These are the things that make Pampa rugs a truly handmade product.

We carry a small curated collection of one-off pieces in store, to create your own Pampa rug email us at