Patagonia Blankets

Patagonia Blankets

The Patagonia collection has travelled from southern Argentina; an area known for its harsh weather and profound natural beauty. From the Andean mountains to the grassland plains, weavers have been practicing their art here for many generations. Pampa partners with a Patagonian family that hand-looms warm blankets and cushions. Natural in tone and rich in texture, these products epitomise Pampa’s simple yet luxurious style. Colour tones used in Patagonian weavings reflect the mountainous landscapes and snowy winters of their origin.

Handwoven by skilled artisans, these Patagonia blankets have been sourced directly for a fair price from the indigenous communities where they were made. When you purchase a Patagonia blanket, you’re helping Pampa trace the map that connects Argentina’s talented artisans with the global community.

Patagonia blankets are woven from 100% natural sheep’s wool and hand dyed with natural pigments, we do our best to represent the colour accurately, but please expect slight variations in the colour you choose.

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