Mini Rugs

Pampa Mini rugs are all individual creations, handpicked from the communities where they were designed and handwoven. The techniques used to make our textiles are part of the fabric of Argentinian tradition.

Our Mini rug are made in much the same way as other Pampa rugs, using high-quality wool, natural dyes and time-honoured hand-weaving techniques. The bold symbols and patterns featured in Pampa Minis mirror the designs of our regular-sized Andes and Monte rugs, while the simple, elongated stripes in our Runners emphasise the textile’s length and the subtle beauty of natural fibres.

Pampa collections are named after the landscapes our artisans call home. All of our Mini rugs have unique variations in grain and colour profile and carry the signature of the weaver in their individual design and slight imperfections. These are the things that make Pampa textiles a truly handmade product.