Designed in Australia and woven in partnership with skilled artisans in remote Argentina and beyond, Pampa offers ethically handcrafted rugs, textiles and homewares. Our products are made from fine, natural materials, such as pure sheep’s wool. When you feel the warmth of natural fibres, you feel the earth—a tactile, grounding experience that brings a sense of awareness and attention to any space.


Feel the earth

Summer at our Co-Founder's 1930s Family Homestead

Dear community, it’s been a while since writing in first person, but reminiscing on last summer  beautifully spend at my homeland made me a bit homesick and wanted to share these beautiful images w...

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Mi Casa | Frida Palovaara

Frida Palovaaragraciously invites us into her world amidst the landscapes of Spain’s southern coast. With a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty and a keen eye for design, she shares her journey o...

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Luxurious and soft, our throws are handmade from fibre to finished product using high-quality wool that is shorn, carded and spun by hand. The fibres are coloured with natural dyes extracted from seasonal plants and flowers, occasionally with the aid of synthetic dyes.

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More than just textiles, they are versatile art pieces designed to accompany you as beach blankets, picnic spreads, bed throws, or wall hangings—each hand-cut, stitched, and individually unique.

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Pampa Prints

Original Fine Art Prints captured in various locations around the globe by photographers and Pampa co-founders, Victoria Aguirre and Carl Wilson.

Visual storytelling and documentary style photography is used to inspire the global community to connect with our environment—and to unite different parts of the world through a shared visual language.

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In a world that often moves at a fast pace, we're firm believers in the magic of small, daily rituals, built around the core of slow living. These objects, scents and more offer us a precious opportunity to pause, reflect, and infuse intention into our everyday. 

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100% handmade. fair trade practices. natural & sustainable.

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100% handmade. fair trade practices. natural & sustainable.

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