It’s a guiding light for us.

Pampa has always existed to create positive social and environmental impact. Since starting Pampa in 2013, we have had a single-minded purpose: to support as many artisans as possible from Argentina and work directly with them—no middlemen—to ethically produce high-quality and long-lasting homewares and textiles using honest and sustainable materials.

As a way to advance our mission of continuous improvement, we are proud to share that Pampa is a Certified B Corporation®.

As a B Corp, we're officially part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, balancing profit with purpose.

The certification process to become a B Corp is lengthy and rigorous. It involves independent assessment across all areas of the business, specifically: Workers, Environment, Customers, Community and Governance—alongside an agreement to recertify every three years to maintain our B Corp status.

Being B Corp Certified encourages us to be even more ambitious in our social and environmental impact strategy and to hold to our core values: Explore, Preserve, Empower.

Since it has been such an interesting and meaningful exercise, we asked our directors, Victoria, Carl and Manuel, to share their own perspectives on the decision to become a B Corp, and what the certification has meant to them.

What prompted you to have Pampa certified?

Victoria Aguirre – Co-Founder & CEO: In a way, we always felt like we were unofficially a B Corp. Since we founded the business, we’ve been conscious of our impact, and, as we say in our manifesto, it’s a company that has so much heart. Our main focus has been providing fair trade continuous work for our artisans partners and providing our customers with an ethical, natural product. Social and environmental responsibility have been the heart of Pampa since day one.

What has become amplified for you since undertaking the B Corp process?

Carl Wilson, Co-Founder - Australian Director: The awareness of how important it is to work with our weavers in a sustainable way, so they can continue to develop business skills and move forward even in the case that Pampa was no longer operational. 

What does B Corp certification mean for Pampa going forward?

Manuel Aguirre, Partner - Latin American Director: It’s a guiding light.

View our B Corp Impact Report here.


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