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To-yik-ca Rugs

A new collection of rugs that bridges contemporary designs with tradition. To-yik-ca means loom in the local dialect of the indigenous community of the Wichí in Argentina. Having previously worked with the Wichí weavers on our Litoral Collection of bags, clutches and baskets, we sought to find a way to both provide them with more income as well as exposure to help preserve their traditional knowledge with our community. Inspired by the ancient designs that you have long admired, we have adapted and designed an exciting and empowering collection of rugs.

As well as paying a fair price to our Andes weavers for producing the rugs, 5% of every rug sale goes directly to a local NGO called Foundation Niwok, who live and work amongst the Wichí weavers and help them preserve their traditions and empower their livelihoods.