In the Quechua language, Pampa means ‘plain earthy land between the mountains’

Since starting Pampa in late 2012 we had a single purpose and mission - to support as many artisans as possible from Argentina and work directly with them, no middlemen, to ethically produce high quality and long-lasting homewares and textiles using noble and sustainable materials.

To work ethically means, to us, that the artisans are working in their own environments in rural Argentina and getting a fair payment, which is above the average wage received by people in their region who are undertaking similar work. We have cultivated a relationship over the years based on trust that we are proud of. By staying at home they are helping to preserve their culture, their own heritage, the art of craftsmanship and above all, their communities. In big cities where they tend to migrate, they cannot continue with this kind of work sustainably and it often leads to a loss of their skills, traditional knowledge and feelings of displacement.


Pampa was co-founded by an Argentinean, Victoria Aguirre and an Australian, Carl Wilson, whom met travelling in Latin America and shortly afterwards began living in Australia together. Victoria couldn’t resist the homesickness she felt, so she began a mission to be somehow connected every day to her homeland, her people, her roots and Pampa was born, founded with the desire to protect and share Argentinean woven heritage and to promote a sense of place. Years later Manuel Aguirre, (Victoria’s brother) joined the team as the Production Manager in Argentina. Since then Pampa has become a small family run business, run by the labour of love. 

In the Quechua language, Pampa means ‘plain earthy land between the mountains’. It's an earthy and fertile landscape that for us, evokes feelings of freedom and hope. We name each of our collections after the homelands of our artisans, who make their wares using natural materials sourced from their surroundings.

Our rugs, textiles, soft furnishings and objects also celebrate their provenance; each of our rugs have unique variations in grain and colour profile, a marker of its origins and a signature of the weaver by whom it was woven. 

We always find so much inspiration when travelling through these remote areas visiting our artisan partners. We photograph our collections in the locations that they come from, as we feel that there is no better place in which to portray them. That deeply rooted sense of place is the backbone of Pampa, allowing us to continue exploring art, preserving heritage and empowering culture. 

We are often asked where we find our inspiration - the answer is in these photographs. We come back to them time and time again as a reference, grateful that nature, our beautiful Pachamama (Mother Earth) feeds us the constant inspiration that we need to build our business and share with our community.