Eclipse Cushions

Our ECLIPSE cushions pay homage to universal symbols of the sun and moon and their representations across art, craft, design and architecture. Taking its cues from Bauhaus, our ECLIPSE collection is an exercise in colour play and architectural form.

Every Pampa cushion is an individual creation with unique variations and slight imperfections in grain and colour profile, carrying the weaver's signature in its individual design.

They are made using time-honoured techniques by hand-weaving pure sheep’s wool naturally dyed in Pampa’s signature earthy colour palette and woven into bold, contemporary motifs.

The artisanal techniques used to make our cushions are part of the fabric of Argentinian tradition. When you purchase an ECLIPSE cushion, you’re helping Pampa trace the map that connects Argentina’s talented artisans with the global community.

Designs and colourways from the ECLIPSE collection are also available for use in our Custom Rug Service.

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