Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel
Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel
Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel
Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel
Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel
Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel
Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel
Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel
Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel
Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel
Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel
Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel
Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel

Forma #1 Runner | Olive & Camel

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Collection: The Forma Collection
Colours: Olive and Camel
Fibre: Argentinian Sheep's Wool
Weave: Intricate
Artisans: Andes Weavers
Availability: Made To Order

Hand-woven in Argentina, discover the story of how your rugs are woven here.

The Forma Collection is woven from high-quality, fine natural wool and cotton warp in our Intricate Weave. Designed in partnership with interior design studio Triibe, it's a unique piece that will elevate any living space. Spanish for “form”, FORMA features geometric patterns with soft edges, with imperfect squares and rectangles in a woven interplay of light and deep earthy tones.

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The FORMA Collection, named after the Spanish word for "form," features geometric patterns with soft edges and imperfect squares and rectangles. Woven in an interplay of light and deep earthy tones, these rugs add a touch of elegance and warmth to any room. The wool is carefully hand-dyed by artisan weavers in Argentina before being woven into shape, using time-honoured, traditional craftsmanship. Each rug is a labour of love, embodying the dedication and skill of the artisans.

Perfect for living rooms, dining areas, or bedrooms, the FORMA Collection provides a stylish and sophisticated foundation for a wide range of interior designs.

Select 'Colour Sample' to receive yarn samples of this rug. To explore and purchase from the range of colours available in our Classica Collection click here.

This rug is available as made-to-order only. Please allow a minimum of 10 to 12 weeks and up to 14 weeks for rug larger than 6 m² / 64 SF.

An option of 40% payment is available to initiate the weaving process of your rug, with the remaining 60% to be settled upon completion. To discuss this option please reach out to us here.

About Pampa Rugs + -

All Pampa rugs are woven using high-quality, fine, natural fibres, and every step of the process is done by hand, making each rug unique. We only carry a small amount of in-stock rugs, as most of our rugs are made-to-order. Our direct artisan partnerships mean that we can work closely with our weavers. We are proud to offer a model that is direct and simple.

Our rugs are woven in traditional ways typical to Latin American rugs, where the looms used are generally the width of the arm span of the weaver. Depending on the width of the weaver's loom, the rug may have one or more discreet unions where the panels of the rug are joined, which are a beautiful element of their handmade nature. 

Pampa rugs are a testament to purpose & quality, when you feel the warmth of natural fibres, you feel the earth—a tactile, grounding experience that brings a sense of awareness and attention. 

As a B Corp Company, we’re part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, balancing profit with purpose. Read more about our rugs and responsibility on our website.

Rug Size Guide + -

Download here.

Care & Instructions + -

Our rugs, woven from natural fibres, are made to withstand the test of time without the use of synthetic materials. 

•Lightly vacuum your rug in the direction of the weave when necessary.

•Keep your rug out of prolonged direct sunlight to avoid fading. Rotate and flip your rug every 3-6 months to prevent uneven wear and fading.

•Use an underlay to keep your rug flat, prevent slipping, protect floors and prevent crushing of wool over time.

•Immediately soak up liquid spills with absorbent white paper towel. 

•Avoid harsh chemicals and household cleaners, opting for professional cleaning when necessary.

You can view our cleaning guide videos here.

Always use an underlay on any floor surface (we provide FREE underlays worldwide for in stock rugs purchased from our online store and with Made to Order and custom rugs being delivered to Australian locations).

Explore further details in our Care and Maintenance Guide.

Shipping Info + -

We offer free shipping Australia-wide on every rug purchase. Lead times will vary, allow up to 14 weeks for production and delivery. We will be in touch by email once your rug is complete and ready to get shipped to your home.

Please note: Prices do not include any taxes or duties that may be applied by the destination country's customs. Import duties and taxes, if incurred (only applicable for clients outside of Australia), are the full responsibility of the receiver.

For more info refer to our FAQ + Shipping and Returns.

Customisation options + -

If you would like to customise the colour, size, and design of your rug, click here for more information. Alternatively, email us here to connect with a consultant who will assist you in creating your custom rug.

Made to Order Rug Acknowledgement

Due to the handmade nature of Pampa made-to-order rugs, we like to make all customers aware that there are usually slight variances in colour tones, designs and final dimensions. The image supplied is a guideline for our weavers who will do their best to replicate this. By placing your order you are agreeing to our made-to-order rug terms and conditions.


Pampa is proud to partner with environmental charity One Tree Planted on crucial reforestation projects around the world. When you buy a rug or a print, you're planting 5 trees, accent rugs and other woven Pampa pieces you're planting 1 tree* T&C’s applied.

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