100% handmade, fair trade practices,
natural and sustainable

Pampa believes in a world of ethically made and fairly traded products. Paying a fair price for our homewares helps guarantee that our weavers receive the working wages they are entitled to. The profits each artisan makes are reinvested back into their family, used to cover day-to-day living expenses such as buying food and clothing, paying school fees, accessing medical care, and sourcing new tools and materials for weaving. 

Earning a fair wage has enabled our weavers to form their own co-operatives, giving individuals the added benefit of sharing materials, ideas and work loads. This flexibility means that our weavers can work from their homes and villages, eliminating the need to travel long distances to sell their rugs or find alternative employment in big cities.

By respecting each individual artisan’s creativity and technique, Pampa helps to give communities a stronger sense of cultural independence and pride. Showing our artisans the real value of their work demonstrates to the younger generations that weaving is an honourable and profitable vocation, helping to preserve this traditional art form for years to come.

The more ongoing work we can provide for these communities, the more we are contributing to their growth out of poverty and the building of wholly sustainable cultures. This rests at the heart of what we aim to achieve