In order to scale up our social impact and environmental action, we partner with the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted to plant trees in crucial reforestation projects around the world.

With every sale we make, we plant a tree. When a Pampa Rug or Print is purchased, we are able to plant 5 trees, and 1 tree for every other Pampa piece.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit environmental charity running crucial large-scale reforestation projects around the world and in the same places that Pampa has its roots (Australia, Latin America, the U.S. and beyond).

One Tree Planted runs reforestation projects around the world, in the same places Pampa has its roots (Australia, Latin America and the U.S.) This reflects our desire to not only offset our emissions, but to be environmental stewards in the areas where we work and advocate for our local environments. It’s a meaningful partnership for us and an important part of our efforts towards building a better, healthier future for our planet.