We are proud of our 'from the ground up' philosophy, which aims to uplift local communities in remote Argentina and other regions of Latin America, providing them with fair wages and supporting them to preserve their heritage and fine craftsmanship.

For every product made, especially our handwoven rugs, there are many different artisans involved: from cleaning and drying the sheep’s wool, to the hand-spinning, preparing the loom, weaving and then the finishing touches.

We are also planning on expanding our social impact work in the future. In addition to providing honourable work for our artisans, we endeavour to support them in other ways that will help their communities. We’re looking into joining forces with a local Argentinean business that can help us to further support them through well-being and education initiatives. Watch this space. 


A product we are very proud of is our Litoral Hammocks.  Here, we’ve partnered with Incausa to offer a truly unique product: the Xingu Hammock. It’s the first time we've explored a product of this nature and we are proud to have committed to this project pro-bono, meaning that after shipping and taxes, ALL profits go directly to the Amari Woman in Brazil.

We are considering a new idea where our clients can choose to write a letter to a weaver if they want to thank them personally for their beautiful work. In doing this, we are not only empowering them as artisans, but adding a real human connection to the transaction.

And in Byron, Australia, we try to participate in the local events of our small creative community, and contribute to fundraisers, charity events and local projects in and around our local region.