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The benefits of using a rug underlay (rug pad) are endless, so while we provide COMPLIMENTARY underlays with all Pampa in stock rugs purchased through our online store, our underlays are a great option to accompany your Pampa custom rug or for any other rug in your space. 

Please note the sizes listed below are rug sizes. The underlay will be cut 5 to 10 cm smaller than the dimensions of the rug size selected.

Description + -

We recommend using an underlay to prevent premature wear and possible slips, which could lead to injury. The use of an underlay also helps to keep your rug in position and will give your rug a bit of extra cushioning. This is especially important on hard floors such as concrete and timber. An underlay offers extra cushioning which helps protect the wool fibres from being crushed or damaged underfoot or by furniture.

This underlay has been developed and engineered in the USA to obtain the best nonskid performance for a rug underlay. The underlay is made of two different polyester fibres needle-punched together and coated, on both sides, with a specially formulated water-based pressure sensitive dry adhesive which will outperform underlays coated with a plain polymeric-acrylic resin. 

It’s two components give to the underlay enough body and density to resist the horizontal movement that creates the buckling effect of the underlay under the rug. The light cushioning effect allows the underlay and rug to breathe together with no risk of oxidation or discolouration to any flooring surface. It will not give a permanent bond to the floor and is a repositionable underlay: harmless to carpeting, floors and rugs.

Care & Instructions + -

Always use an underlay on any floor surface.

The use of an underlay is necessary when using any coloured rug on a surface that could be affected by the migration of dyes, such as lightly coloured carpet. Using an underlay that has been designed for the use with carpet will create a barrier between the rug and your carpet to prevent the migration of dyes in the event of a spill or the presence of moisture.

If more than one piece of underlay is used, do not overlap the underlay but lay the pieces together with no gaps in between. The underlay should be cut 5 to 10 cm smaller than the dimensions of your rug. Never place an underlay or rug on an uncured floor surface if it has recently been sealed, laid, treated, etc.

There are a range of pre-cut sizes available below for various rugs. However if none of these sizes suit please contact us at and we will get back to you with a custom quote.  

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Afterpay or 4 payments of $27.00 AUD with Afterpay

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